Saanich Presents Revised Proposal for Shelbourne Corridor Improvements

Earlier this year, the Saanich Community Planning Committee presented two options for short term mobility improvements along Shelbourne Street for public review.  The improvements are part of the Shelbourne Valley Action Plan – which was “developed to guide land use and transportation decisions in the Shelbourne Valley over the next 30 years”.  After extensive public consultation, the committee has developed a revised ‘3rd Option’ for a short-term mobility action plan.  This plan is intended to bridge the gap between the long-term vision for the Shelbourne Valley and the reality of current conditions.


The long-term vision for the Shelbourne Valley builds on placemaking and sustainability principles outlined in the Sustainable Saanich community plans and aims to enhance accessibility, sense of community, and vibrancy of the Shelbourne Street corridor.  The ‘Shelbourne Valley Plan’ area includes the area within 500 meters, and along a four kilometer stretch of Shelbourne Street from about Torquay to Hillside (pictured right).  The ultimate plan features separated bike lanes, landscaped boulevards, and four lanes of traffic for vehicles and transit (pictured below).  The reality, says the committee, is that there is insufficient space along Shelbourne Street to implement that plan at this time.


The interim plan incorporates the public’s interest in prioritizing facilities for cyclists, pedestrians and transit while minimizing the impacts on traffic and maintaining left turn access to residential areas and businesses.  Based on feedback, the plan also proposes bike facilities that reduce potential conflict areas between bikes and buses.  The overview of the bike facilities for the corridor, pictured below, feature 3 types of cycling facilities.  A separated cycle track, which is considered the highest quality bike facility, makes up 36% of the proposed development.

The Saanich Valley Action Plan committee is currently in the next phase of public consultation.  Have your say by either:

1) attending an open house

Saturday, October 1, 2016 – 2:00-6:00pm
Gordon Head Recreation Centre

Monday, October 3, 2016 – 7:00-9:00 pm
Doncaster Elementary School


2) completing their online survey here:

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