Give the Gift of Light this Holiday Season!

Let’s face it, there are simply too many people on bikes that don’t have adequate lighting!  Lights are a super easy way to improve your visibility, and they are required by law.

Here’s the scoop:

According to the Motor Vehicle Act, the minimum requirements are as follows:

From ½ an hour before sunset until ½ an hour after sunrise you must have:

– a red reflector mounted and visible from the rear

– a mounted red light visible from the rear

– a mounted white light visible at least 150 meters in the direction of travel







Lights from dusk to dawn are a no brainer but using your lights during the day is a pretty bright idea too.  Daytime front and rear lights make a huge difference for visibility.  Given that approximately 80% of cycling accidents occur during the day, it is essential that we take measures to improve our visibility at all times rather than just the minimums required by the Motor Vehicle Act.







Shopping for lights can be overwhelming, there are SO many options.  Don’t be shy to ask someone at your local bike shop to direct you towards a suitable front and rear light that is daytime visible.  Seeking their advice when mounting lights is also a good idea.  Panniers and other cargo can block your light – rendering it pretty useless – so it’s best to be sure that the light is mounted in a place that is secure and visible.

Not only are lights a very practical and safe – they can be a lot of fun too. There are many options that light up your ride and make it look pretty cool!  So when holiday shopping remember: the best gift you can give this holiday season is the gift of light!








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