2020 Winter Bike to Work Day: February 14th

Victoria is participating in the 8th annual Winter Bike to Work Day: a global friendly competition between cities to see who cycles the most. Our goal is for Victoria to be the top Canadian city. We’ve got a long way to go but with your support, we can do it.

Free Valentine’s Day Treats?

We will be stationed at Janion Plaza (located just before the Johnson Street Bridge) on February 14th from 7am to 9am giving out coffee, tea, snacks, and other goodies to all who choose to cycle that day. There will also be a chance for you to win some prizes from us and our friends at the CRD.

Planning on cycling this Valentine’s Day? Why not challenge a friend, coworker, or family member to join you! Help us compete against cities around the world to show Victoria’s commitment to cycling.

2020 Greater Victoria Bike to Work Week: May 25th-31st

The keystone event organized by the Greater Victoria Bike to Work Society (GVBTWS) is the annual Bike to Work Week event. Bike to Work Week was conceived right here in Victoria by a small group of commuter cyclists – who also founded the GVBTWS. Bike to Work Week is a powerful annual event which has introduced more than 14,000 people to commuter since its inception. The event begins with team building in the workplace, includes pop-up Celebration events throughout the region, and offers many incentives to participation. Creating this environment or camaraderie, fun, and friendly competition, allows people to enjoy their experience with commuter cycling. A positive experience during this first exposure to commuter cycling leads to more trips taken by bike, and ultimately elicits lasting changes in commuter behaviour.

In addition to organizing the annual Bike to Work Week event in Greater Victoria each year, we also host a media launch, the Commuter Challenge and Bike to Work Days in the fall. When we’re not hosting events we also offer Bike Skills courses for kids, youth, and adults. For more on Bike Skills Courses, follow this link.

Interested in having us at one of your events?  We can provide express workshops, safety demos, skills demos for kids or adults, tips and tricks to commuter cycling, or a customized presentation at your next event.  For more information contact