Creating a Bike-Friendly Workplace Culture: How modo car-share can help

Encouraging employees to bike to work should be a top priority for all employers.  Long-term employee health benefits, a more productive workforce, and improved corporate culture are all benefits enjoyed by employers who establish bike-friendly workplaces.

According to several studies, including a recently-published article in the British Medical Journal which studied over 250,000 subject over several years, cycling to work has “extraordinary health benefits.”  Namely, bike commuters had a much lower risks of developing or dying from cancer and cardiovascular disease – the leading causes of death in the United States and the United Kingdom.

On top of life altering health benefits, bike commuters are also healthier and happier in the short term.  At work, bike commuters:

– feel more awake and alert
– are more productive
– take fewer sick days
– are happier
– are less stressed
– reduce their workplace’s overall carbon footprint

Employers who encourage and support cycling to work:

– create a culture of wellness
– demonstrate social responsibility
– support long-term health benefits – both mental and physical

There are several ways that employers can encourage employees to bike to work: Providing secure bike storage, shower, and change room facilities are all features that will increase bike commuting.  Another amenity that reduces barriers to bike commuting is making a car available for employees for workday commuting, errands or emergencies.

Bike to work, carshare to meetings

In this year’s post-Bike to Work Week survey, respondents indicated that one significant impediment to cycling to work more often is the need for a car during the work day.  Commuting to meetings and transporting equipment are two of the major reasons why people say they leave their bike at home and drive instead.  A study from UBC also found that employee’s bike to work rate increased when there’s a vehicle to use during the day or a guaranteed ride home available.

For many organizations, including the Greater Victoria Bike to Work Society, a company vehicle is not an option. That’s why we have a Modo business membership. Though we still use our bikes and cargo trailer as much as possible, we utilize Modo’s cargo van to bring bikes out to kids courses in schools, and Modo’s electric cars or hybrid vehicles to transport equipment to courses, events, and workshops in farther reaching communities.

Picture: Modo’s Nicole Huk and Modo Ambassador Susan Kim at the GVBTWW Commuter Challenge 2017.

Carsharing gives you options

A business account with Modo is a convenient and affordable option for employers who want to encourage biking to work and provide access to a vehicle for their employees. Gas, insurance and maintenance is included, making the membership easy and worry-free – and with a flat overnight rate between 7pm and 9am, taking the car to get from and to work is an option too.

“Since 2008, we’ve been using Modo for pick-ups and deliveries, to take our team to meetings, and occasionally, to bust out of the city. Modo saves our business money, gives us great flexibility and aligns with our vision for a more sustainable city and future.”

– Toby Barratt, Propellor Design

Special Promo for Greater Victoria Bike to Work Society Subscribers

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