Adults Bike Skills Courses


Bike Skills will be returning to our educational roots, bringing back the Adult Bike Skills Courses in a COVID-safe format. Our full-day course will instead be split into two; Day 1 in the Virtual E-Classroom and Day 2, outside, on-bikes and physically distanced.

See our COVID-19 Safety Policy here.

Do you want to make cycling a regular part of your life? Our adult bike skills courses are designed to build the skills and confidence of novice to experienced riders to make cycling a fun and safe!

Adult Full Day (7.5 hrs)

Part I – Theory: A thorough overview of traffic rules, cyclist rights and responsibilities, brake and helmet fit, bike maintenance and mechanics, and more during an in-class portion of the course.

Part II – Practical: The on-bike portion of the course begins with a parking lot skills development session. This is where participants develop bike handling and emergency maneuvering skills in a controlled environment.  Next, participants embark on a 10 km group road ride, putting theory to pavement in a fun and practical manner.  Trained instructors maintain a safe environment and make frequent informative stops to provide tips, tricks, and feedback as the group navigates through low-risk traffic situations.

At the end of the course, participants will receive a take home Bike Skills manual, a Greater Victoria and Gulf Islands Cycling Map and a personalized map of their own route that they ride.

Adult Quick Course (4.5 hrs)

The adult quick course is an express version of our full day bike skills program, most of the same content will be covered and the day will also conclude with a group ride. This course is ideal for those with a tight schedule and busy lifestyle.