Bike Skills Courses


In March, bike shops were added to British Columbia’s list of essential services, as demand for bicycles surged in the face of the pandemic. In order to follow the health and safety guidelines laid out by the province for COVID-19, many people started turning to cycling as an opportunity to get outside safely during quarantine.

Over the course of the summer, though our in-person bike skills courses were postponed, the Bike to Work Society developed an online presence that of which this organization has never seen before! Hosting over 10 webinars so far, and with more on the way, we have managed to continuing engaging the community in cycling education for free, even when there is no work to bike to. We also created our first online Resource Library for our website, which is jam-packed with the best cycling related content available on the internet and elsewhere, curated easily into one page. 

So, what’s next for the Bike Skills Program? This August, we will be returning to our educational roots, bringing back the Adult Bike Skills Courses in a COVID-safe format. Our full-day course will instead be split into two; Day 1 in the Virtual E-Classroom and Day 2, outside, on-bikes and physically distanced.

Where we would have traditionally held the classroom portion of the course, our instructors will be holding the course in a virtual e-classroom using GoToMeeting. Participants will be able to directly engage in the learning with instructors over the platform, with scheduled stretch and snack breaks. The e-classroom portion will include knowledge of traffic theory, best practices for safe cycling, route planning, and more.

For the on-bike, Day 2 of the course, participants will be asked to follow the guidelines in our return to sport COVID-19 Pandemic Policy. See our Policy Document for full details on how we plan to keep participants and instructors safe during this time.

As we ease back into teaching courses again, we encourage everyone to continue checking our website for updates on a fall schedule of cycling courses. Kids and Youth courses will all be taking place at various rec centres and community associations around Greater Victoria, while Adult courses will continue in the two-day, “hybrid” format into the fall, mostly at the Jutland Rd teaching space

We are here to help folks learn how to ride safely, effectively, and enjoyably on the road. Building safe cycling habits and confidence is the key to getting more cyclists on the road, as well increasing awareness of a cyclist’s responsibilities as a road user. If you know of anyone interested in our programming, please refer them to our website to book a course with us.


The Greater Victoria Bike to Work Society

Improving traffic safety skills for all ages, with the goal of encouraging more commuter cycling within and around Victoria, BC. Now offering Online Cycling Resources! Check out our Webinar Workshops and Cycling Resource Library for useful information on cycling.

Since 1999, the Greater Victoria Bike to Work Society has educated over 3,000 participants in our comprehensive Bike Skills Courses. Combining classroom and on-road training, our courses develop safe cycling habits and behaviours through knowledge and skills training surrounding traffic safety.  Built to suit any lifestyle, we offer courses for all age groups and abilities. Follow the links below to book your course today.

All of our group courses require that participants must be be able to ride a bicycle. For those who are new or rediscovering riding a bike, our friends at offer one-on-one ‘Learn to Ride’ lessons.

Bike Skills course participant testimonials:

“I learned so many useful tips, that I cannot even believe that I hesitated to take this course”

“I recommend anyone that drives any vehicle on the road whether truck, car or bus to take this course”

“I am a safer cyclist for myself and others”

I recommend this course 1,000%”

“I’ve already recommended this course and will continue to do so”

For more details about bike skills courses check out our FAQ page.