Victoria’s annual Bike to Work Week began when a core group of commuter cyclists and government employees launched the first campaign.


The non-profit Greater Victoria Bike to Work Society was formed. This year’s BTWW included 50 teams and 500 participants.


20th Anniversary celebrations included 693 teams and 8,077 registered participants.


25th Anniversary celebrations in 2019 included 967 teams and 10,050 registered participants.

This annual event brings communities together and expands the number of people who cycle to work year round. By getting people to try commuting by bike for a week in an atmosphere of fun and camaraderie, the event contributes to a steady 10% increase in cycle commuters.

Bike Skills Courses

In addition to organizing the hugely successful Greater Victoria Bike to Work Week for 25 years, the Society also offers exceptional Bike Skills courses that have trained more than 3,500 kids, youth, and adults.