The Greater Victoria Bike to Work Society (GVBTWS) is a registered non-profit society governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. We are dedicated to encouraging and promoting the bicycle as a viable form of transportation to and from work.

To accomplish this, the Society endorses the following goals:

1. Raise the profile of cycling to work and expand commuter bicycle use by holding an annual ‘Bike to Work Week.’

A key organizing principle of Bike to Work Week is workplace team building.  This cooperative environment provides the opportunity for participants to experience cycling in a fun and social way. At its core, Bike to Work Week is a program that aims to shift travel behaviour. By celebrating cycling and rewarding participation, the program helps participants discover the intrinsic benefits of cycling and that commuting by bike is an enjoyable and feasible option for getting to work.

2. Promote cooperation and safety among all road users. 

We promote campaigns such as the CRD’s ‘Cruise with Courtesy’ principles and educating cyclists to their rights and responsibilities through our Bike Skills courses.

3. Improve the proficiency of cyclists and the safety of commuter cycling.  

The GVBTWS Bike Skills courses combine classroom and on-road training to develop safe cycling habits and behaviours.  Bike skills courses help cyclists make informed and safe decisions while sharing the road. The outcome of course participation is an increase in comfort and confidence on two wheels, and on the road.

4. Encourage the development of facilities that support commuter cycling.

Through our workplace workshops, we address common barriers to cycling, and offer practical solutions to employees and employers to make cycling to work more accessible.

5. Work cooperatively with the community and cycling advocates to advance the interests of commuter cycling.

Working closely with the Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition, Bike Maps.org, the CRD, and all municipalities in the Greater Victoria region ensures that we can address issues related to commuter cycling.

This is a link to Bike Victoria’s COVID safety plan: