Webinar Workshops

Our goal at Bike to Work is to make cycling knowledge accessible and versatile. The Webinar Workshops are the newest asset to the Bike Skills program, expanding the organization’s reach to all folks who love to cycle, no matter where they are. Below you will find a schedule of upcoming webinars, as well as an archive of past webinars. All events are completely free!

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Recent Webinars

Winter Go By Bike Day Webinar

February 12, 2021

Todd Kalyniuk and Adam Krupper

From All Angles- The Exercise Piece

September 30th

Evan Thomas, Dockside Physiotherapy

Navigating Tricky Intersections in Greater Victoria 2.0

September 28th

Lana Taves, Education Manager, Bike to Work Society

Todd Kalynuik, Bike Skills Instructor, Bike to Work Society

Past Webinars

COVID-19 & the Bike: Cycling Safe amidst Physical Distancing Measures

May 12 and 14, 2020

Instructor: Lana Taves

Basic Bike Maintenance: Beginner-Level DIY Mechanics

May 22, 2020

Instructor: Todd Kalyniuk

The Motor Vehicle Act & You: A Cyclist’s Guide to the Rules of the Road (and other tips for Safe Riding)

May 28, 11am PST

Instructor: Lana Taves

E-Bike (Rev)olution: Getting you moving

June 5, 11am PST

Instructor: Todd Kaylnuik

Guest: Heidi Ullrich, Oak Bay Bikes

From All Angles: Tips for Cycling Efficiently & Comfortably

June 10, 11am PST

Guest Speaker: Evan Thomas, Dockside Physio, PT, FCAMPT, BikeFit® Canada Certified

Making Space: How Local Municipalities and Parks are Adapting to COVID-19

June 16, 11am PST

Guest speakers: Christine Rikley, Area Supervisor at BC Parks for Cowichan and Saanich Peninsula

Kirby Villeneuve, Section Head, Recreation – Provincial Services Branch at BC Parks

Jeff Leahy, Senior Manager, Capital Regional District, Regional Parks at the CRD

Sarah Webb, Manager of Transportation Planning & Development at the City of Victoria

Accessibility in Recreation, Activity, and Cycling

June 23, 10AM PST

Guest Speakers:

Kay Inckle, Social Scientist with research specializations in disability, including sport, health and exercise, and mental health and self-harm

Kristi Owens, Cycling Without Age

Christopher Rajala, Software Developer, University of Victoria

Family Cycling: Riding with Kids

July 11th, 11AM PST

Guest Speakers:

Cindy Marven: CanBike Cycling Instructor

Bronwyn Crowder: Bike Skills Instructor

Navigating Greater Victoria’s Tricky Intersections

July 16, 12pm

Guest speakers and Instructors:

Karen Laberee, BikeMaps.org

Lana Taves, Bike Skills Instructor

Todd Kalynuik, Bike Skills Instructor

Hu Wallis, Bike Skills Instructor

Impacts of Bicycle Infrastructure in Mid Sized Cities

July 23rd, 11AM PST

Guest Speaker: Dr. Meghan Winters

Pedalling Pains: The Truth about Common Cycling Pains and Injuries (and what to do!)

July 29th, 11am PST

Guest Speakers: Evan Thomas, Dockside Physio, PT, FCAMPT, BikeFit® Canada Certified

Bicycle-Centric Sustainable Development in Victoria

August 14, 11AM PST

Guest Speakers:

Julian West, Urban Thrive, www.UrbanThrive.ca

Nicholas Standeven, Abstract Developments, www.abstractdevelopments.com

How to Cargo Bike: A Practical Guide

August 20, 12PM PST

Guest Speaker:

Edward Pullman, GVCC & BTWS Board Member