New Summer Bike Activities

With our regular events and courses postponed and our staff working from home we wondered how we could still create fun activities and stay connected with local cyclists. The solution? A series of neighbourhood based activities designed to get folks biking around their communities while maintaining social distance. Check out our summer 2020 Bike Activity Series which includes Scavenger Hunts, Discovery Rides, and Ride the Distance routes!

Scavenger Hunts

Have you read every book in the house? Watched all the episodes of your favourite TV shows? Looked at your bicycle and wished you could go on an adventure? Well, we’ve got a fun-filled neighbourhood scavenger hunt just for you!

Scavenger Hunts will see you, either riding solo or with members of your household, zipping around a neighbourhood finding notable spots and solving short clues. We’ve got dozens of questions for over a dozen local neighbourhoods, starting the week of May 4th with Fernwood and Royal Oak/Cordova Bay.

Want to take part? Click here to get all the scavenger hunt clues, map, and info on how to enter for a chance to win some prizes!

Discovery Rides

Planning on heading out for a bike ride this weekend but not sure where to go? Love finding hidden pathways and special features on your rides? We’ve got you covered!

Like the scavenger hunts, the discovery rides are neighbourhood based, but follow a suggested route passing by several places of interest around the neighbourhood highlighting different aspects of Victoria’s natural and cultural history. The discovery rides are less about testing your knowledge and more about giving you a leisurely ride where you can learn the history of your community. These rides launch the week of May 4th with Gordon Head and the Saanich Peninsula. 

Want to take part? Click here to get the Discovery Ride suggested routes and info pages.

Ride the Distance

These are longer routes ranging in distance from 16km to over 60km, taking you on some beautiful rides around Greater Victoria.

Click here to download our Ride the Distance routes if your looking for a scenic ride!

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