Bike Skills Instructors


The Greater Victoria Bike to Work Society’s Bike Skills instructors are keen to share their love and knowledge of cycling with people to increase their skills, comfort, and confidence on two wheels.  Our team of certified instructors are experienced cyclists who complete a 100 hour training program to ensure they deliver the best possible cycling skills training experience.  Read more about our unique team members below.


Interested in becoming an instructor?  We are looking for dynamic, personable, adaptable and confident people to become Bike Skills Instructors.  As an instructor you will work with cyclists having a wide range of skills and abilities towards improving their confidence and comfort with cycling.  Our courses combine in class theory and on-road riding to develop skills and confidence.  Instructor training is $75 and the next training sessions start in March.  Learn more about our courses here.

To apply: Send a resume and cover letter to Tessa Veikle, Programs Coordinator 



 Meet the Team 


Lise – Senior Instructor 

Lise started biking at the age of three and hasn’t stopped since.  When she reached driving age, her brother would always beat her up to get the car so she stuck to the saddle.  Lise believes bikes are the silver bullet solution everyone is looking for solving financial, mental health, emotional health, and physical health problems.

Lise loves her bike, Apollo, and you might catch her rolling around the city with her “melon-head” helmet.  Lise believes biking is a very valuable skill to teach children, a great family activity, and encourages parents to get involved in biking with their kids.


JohnHolland John Bike Mechanics Instructor

John first got involved with the organization as a Bike to Work Week team leader at UVIC from 1997 through 2013.  A skilled bike mechanic, John loves building and maintaining his own bikes.  He also has extensive bike touring experience having done so in the Rocky Mountains, Eastern Canada, and Europe.  John enjoys sharing his skills, knowledge, and love of bikes with others.


Susanna Senior Instructor

Susanna rides everywhere, all year round, and plans to keep going until she is too old to even walk!  Susanna loves teaching people the joy of riding a bicycle. It is simply the best way to stay healthy and happy, while getting from A to B!

Susanna is a nationally certified cycling instructor with over 10 years experience teaching cycling skills to hundreds of adults and children in Greater Victoria.



Francois Senior Instructor

Francois loves commuting by bike and wants to share his passion with others in Greater Victoria.  Francois’ daily commutes allow him to get over five hours of weekly exercise that he would normally not find the time to do.  Rain or blue sky, after a day of at the office, Francois always looks forward to his ride home on trails!




MiaMia Senior Instructor

Mia started cycling again as an adult in Ontario when she fell in love with a hot pink cruiser.  She rode it to work but her fear of traffic made her daily commute an unpleasant experience. Mia sold her bike when she moved back to Victoria and her future with cycling was unknown. When her new job assigned to her to take a bike skills course, Mia’s road-worthiness took a turn for the best!

In a few short years Mia went from sidewalk riding to owning three bikes and teaching skills courses to empower people of all ages to find the rhythm of riding in traffic!  Mia gets super energized by the variety of riders and reasons for registering in bike skills courses.  She has a blast teaching them how to be part of a better cycling culture! Life is better with a bike!

– Senior Instructor

Patrick is a long-time daily bike commuter and has been a cycling advocate for more than 20 years. He’s been a nationally certified CanBike II cycling instructor for many years and has shared his knowledge and experience with hundreds of cyclists through the GVBTWS Skills courses and CanBike courses.

Patrick finds it very fulfilling to watch the people who complete bike skills courses transition from hesitant cyclist to confident, knowledgeable road users.



LanaLana Instructor

Cycling is both a routine part of Lana’s daily commute as well as central to some of her favourite travel adventures, past and future. She loves the feeling of riding a bike, self-powered freedom and pure energy transportation, and enjoys sharing this by helping her students learn to ride with safety and confidence.



KaylaKayla – Instructor

Kayla lives a car free life, moving by bicycle everywhere she needs to go. She realizes the important connection cycling has to sustainability and is keen to share her passion for cycling with more and more folks in Victoria. If she’s not caught cruising around the city on Poppy, her reliable commuter, she’ll be out on longer tours with her dear red bicycle.

Eric Instructor

PattiKPatti Instructor

Now retired from her years of government service, Patti cycles as much as she can wherever she needs to go.  Patti’s post-retirement volunteer work includes helping out with the beautiful gardens at the Horticulture Centre of the Pacific, bike tour  Victoria. Patti loves the fitness and financial benefits of cycling as well the opportunities to be outside in the fresh air and to socialize with like-minded people.  Most importantly, cycling lets Patti eat as many ice cream cones and paletas as she wants without feeling guilty!!


Berken Instructor

Berken started cycling at 5 years old and from the age of 10, started commuting 10km daily to school by bike. Since her first touring trip in Denmark and Northern Germany at 12 years old, Berken has always preferred a cycle holiday over any other mode of transportation; although canoe and kayak trips come in a close second. On top of her bike touring adventures, Berken also commuted to work by bike daily before retiring.

Cycling makes Berken feel happy and connected to the planet.  She hopes to convince many non-cyclists how much fun it can be!