Adults (16 years +)

Adult Bike Skills Courses


Want to make cycling regular part of your life? Our adult bike skills courses are designed build the skills and confidence of novice to experienced riders to make cycling a fun and safe!


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ADULT FULL DAY (7.5 hrs)

The adult bike skills program has two parts.

Part I – Theory: A thorough overview of traffic rules, cyclist rights and responsibilities, road positioning, route planning, bike fit, reflectivity and more during an in-class portion of the course.

Part II – Practical: Practical training begins with a parking lot skills development session: participants develop bike handling and emergency maneuvering skills in a controlled environment.  Next participants pair bike handling skills with theory learned in Part I during a 10 km group road ride.  Trained instructors maintain a safe environment and make frequent informative stops to provide tips, tricks, and feedback as the group navigates through traffic.


The adult quick course is an express version of our full day bike skills program.

Participants will start in-class learning about the fundamentals of bike safety, traffic theory, and cyclist rights and responsibilities.  Next, participants will practice their knowledge in a bike skills and handling portion followed by a group ride to practice various traffic scenarios.


The adult bike skills courses will leave you feeling comfortable and confident on two wheels!
*Must be able to ride a bicycle to participate*

Our friends at offer one-on-one ‘Learning to ride a bike’ lessons tailored to individual skills for adults who are new to, or rediscovering, riding a bike.


**For more information about the adult bike skills courses check out the FAQ page.