The Bike to Work Week Society includes a small full time office team as well as many Bike Skills instructors and, of course, many generous volunteers. Meet the staff below!

Executive Director- Adam Krupper

Adam’s life was forever changed on a day in late August, 1998, when he didn’t have change for the bus. He dusted off his old bike and rode it instead.  Since that day, he’s been spreading the gospel about the most fun, efficient, healthy, and almost-free way to get around. After 9 years in Thunder Bay, ON, working as the Mobility Coordinator for the City, it was time for a change.  Victoria has proven to be one of the best cities in Canada to ride and he’s proud to help build the Bike-to-Work legacy.

Justine Bochenek- Bike Skills Coordinator

Justine moved to Victoria in 2016, and has ridden her bike, Gus, almost every day since then. She is still disappointed that she had to walk to her interview with the Bike to Work Society because of a snowstorm.
She enjoys bad, bottomless diner coffee, flail dancing at concerts and discussing feminism with her book club (and will again when we get a vaccine!). One of her favourite moments from 2020 was seeing a young person participating in the ERG45 program go from barely balancing on their bike, to zooming around the playground with their friends.
Justine is in charge of all things Bike Skills related. You can contact her with questions about upcoming courses, events and other bike-related opportunities for you and your community.

Justine’s regular work days are Mondays to Thursdays.

James Coates- Program Coordinator

Armed only with his 1989 Nishiki bicycle, a love of cycling, and (for some reason) a history degree from Uvic, James began his tenure at the Bike to Work Society as a co-op student in January 2020. He is happy to now be a Bike Skills instructor who participated in the ERG-45 program as well as the Societies’ Program Coordinator. One of his favourite moments of 2020 was connecting with many of the communities fantastic cyclists at Celebration Stations this fall. He enjoys long rides on the Galloping Goose, woodworking, and karaoke. James is in charge of all things Go by Bike Week related. You can contact him with questions about any upcoming events.